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At the peak of park I came across this little angel, he has Down syndrome one of the most common congenital conditions caused by having an extra chromosome, 47 instead of 46 (I'm not an expert in genetics but the regular even number is because half of them are provided by the mother and the other by the father), having one more chromosome gives them special characteristics, like superheroes.

He was visiting the place with his family and when he saw me taking photos of the waterfall he approached and touched my shoulder, then I turned around and when I saw him I asked: "would you like me to take your photo?" He replied "yes" and he immediately got on the side of the fence with the waterfall in the background, so all I had to do was focus.

There is more help and information about the Down syndrome available today, if you know someone special that requires attention try to guide them to appropriate centers and therapy, proper education always improves the life of any human being. In Chihuahua there is the Down Institute, the Down Syndrome Coalition of El Paso or the National Down Syndrome Society across the US and the European Down Syndrome Association for specifics of any country in Europe. ■